Opportunities to be a part of the future of MUST can take many forms. Your investment can be tailored to fit your philanthropic desires as well as the university’s priorities. Add meaning to your gift by using it to honour a special friend or loved one. The MUST products have been launched with a view to involve you in the development of your university. By making a personalized gift in your name or that of a loved one, you not only support the ongoing MUST Campus development project, but you also make a lasting physical sign of your commitment to the future of MUST and its mission.

The detail of the University Products is as follows:

  • Brick Campaign: You may purchase a brick for Rs. 0.1 (small) and 0.2 million (large). We will recognize your contribution by inscribing on it the name you desire to be and fix it to the purpose built monument for displaying the bricks to honour the contributors.
  • Scholarships: You may support the education of a poor student by paying Rs 0.2 million per annum (fee and mess charges) and name the scholarship as you desire for.
  • Gold Medals: The University awards gold medal to first position holder of each of the degree programs in the university convocation each year. You may fund gold medal for any of the degree programs for Rs. 1 million for ever. The gold medal will be named after the names of your parents or any person you like for naming the medal.
  • Chairs: The University has instituted various chairs. You may purchase any of the chairs for Rs. 2 million per annum and for Rs. 10 million for 20 years and for Rs. 20 million for good. One of the chairs has been instituted on the name of the famous Saint- Poet- Philosopher Main Muhammad Buksh Chair.
  • Professorships: The University has instituted the professorships. You may honor your parents by purchasing and naming any of the professorships for Rs. 2 million per annum and for Rs. 10 million for 20 years and for Rs. 20 million for good.
  • Parks/ Corners: You are invited to name a corner or a park to be built in the university premises for Rs. 01 million and 05 million, respectively.
  • Laboratories (1500 sft)/ Class Rooms( 750 sff): You may name a laboratory or a class room of any of the discipline for Rs. 07 million and Rs. 04 million, respectively (@ Rs. 4200 per sft).
  • Hall/ Hostels (33000 sff): You may get the right of naming a hall or a hostel for about Rs. 150 million (@ Rs. 4200 per sft).
  • Departments (40,000 sff): You may get the right of naming a department for Rs. 180 million (@ Rs. 4200 per sft).
  • Institutes (50,000 sff): You may get the right of naming an institute for Rs. 250 million (@ Rs. 4200 per sft).

All products and their rates are valid only for the year 2016. The cost mentioned for each of the products is subject to increase @ 15 % per year. Payment may be made directly to the firm or the university may be allowed to do the same through committees, comprising members of civil society in a transparent manner to the satisfaction of the sponsor. The university shall regularly update the record of all the investments through a dedicated campaign website. This will have all the record of investments and expenditures in a prescribed manner.