Program Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the program the following outcomes will be achieved

  • To produce teachers who are competent in the content areas as well as in teaching strategies.
  • To provide the opportunity to practice teaching through interacting with the school and community.
  • Write and speak clearly and coherently using correct grammar and sentence structure; communicate ideas and articulate arguments/positions in ways appropriate to reach the intended audience.
  • To gain adequate insight into the ground realities of school and classrooms through their attachments in schools and communities
  • To bring a positive attitude in classroom teaching and understanding a plurality of cultures.
  • To develop the habit of inquiry into practice.
  • To prepare prospective teachers as professionals in education.


4 years

Semester Duration:

16-18 weeks



Course Load Per Semester:

15-18 Credit Hours

Number of Courses per semester:

5-6  (not  more  than  3 lab/ practical courses)