B.S English (4-years Program)

The 4-year BS program in English is a beautiful amalgamation of subjects that fall under English literature and linguistics. The learners are familiarized with eras of English literature and their prototype literature; prominent themes, writers, and characters, of both poetry and prose. Keeping in view the significance that linguistics has attained in the past two decades, the learners are trained to analyze various text genres, comprehend contemporary grammars, speech processes, methods and approaches of English language teaching, as well as achieve a grasp on computational tools required to handle large scale data for more informed and reliable researches. Learners are further exposed to some allied courses to diversify their learning.

In the first two years of the program, the students will study compulsory, foundation, and general courses; whereas, in years two and three, the students take elective/major courses, and in the final year of their study, the students are offered specialization in Literature or Linguistics. In last year of our degree program we offer range of modules in Literature and linguistics. This gives an option and flexibility to the students to choose any subject to suit their interest and career goals.

Admission Criterion: BS English (4-YearsProgram)

Entry Requirement:

  • FA/FSc./I.Com/ICS or equivalent qualification with at least 45% marks.
  • Entry Test conducted by the University

Selection Criterion:

The final selection shall be made on the basis of aggregation comprised of academic marks plus entry test.

Degree Requirements:

A student shall be awarded the degree in respective discipline provided that he/she has completed the fundamental courses, core courses, project/fieldwork/thesis/ internship/practical training and comprehensive oral examination within the prescribed time period with at least 57.5%cumulative percentage.

Scholarships Offered:

On the basis of different criteria following scholarships are offered:

  • MUST-Merit Based Scholarship
  • MUST-Need based Scholarship
  • Guardian Insurance Scholarship
  • HEC need based Scholarship
  • Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship
  • HBL Foundation Scholarship

For further information you may follow the link: http://sac.must.edu.pk