BS in Banking and Finance

The department of banking and finance is an educational research oriented non-profit organization with the objective of promoting intellectual, logical and scientific thoughts and discussions on institutions of banking and finance. The institute is dedicated to produce well-trained, highly competent personnel and executives with the required talent in the banking and finance industry.

Admission Requirements

Higher Secondary School Certificate or Equivalent securing at least 45% marks in aggregate Entry Test


The objective of Department of Banking and finance is the injunctions of the financial and banking culture. It is aimed to create a platform for new generation of academic students, researchers, scholars, business managers, financiers, bankers and economists who can effectively and productively deals with the present business challenges and difficulties in the exhibits of principles of banking and finance teachings by conveying knowledge and education using different modes of learning methods.

The ultimate objective is to

  • Organizing teachings of banking and finance at all levels
  • Research Culture and Analytical Thinking - Conducting advance studies & research in the relevant areas
  • Develop Industry Partnership- Promoting cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions in the Islamic banking and finance and allied disciplines
  • Providing training & consultancy services to public and private organizations
  • Develop, Conduct and Promote Training Programs
  • Endorse Qualified Human Resources in areas demanded by Industry
  • Establish Platform for Trainers and Advisers
  • Provide Business advisory in context of Spiritual Heritage of Islam