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About SCEM

 SCEM is a non-profit society and an officially endorsed student section from University, established in 2014 at Civil Engineering Department of MIRPUR UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR (MUST) and working under the supervision of Patron in Chief ‘Prof. Dr. Anwar Khitab’ and Faculty Advisor ‘Engr. Waqas Anwar’. The purpose of SCEM is to conduct Civil Engineering related Workshops, Events, Exhibitions and Competitions. Few of the events held by SCEM in past include Mega Structure Wall Poster Competition, Hydraulic Models Exhibition, Bridge Building Competition, a Seminar on Nanotechnology, Must Olympiad 2015, MUST Enigma 15, and MUST NEXUS etc. Furthermore, future plans of SCEM include expanding its network on National and International Level, Linking Civil Engineering Department of MUST with the national and international universities and Societies thus producing quality Engineers who can serve nation in more efficient and effective manner.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Holding Seminars related to New Trends in Civil Engineering
  2. Organizing All Pakistan Competitions with the Collaboration of different universities all over the country.
  3. Creating Awareness Programs and Visits to Industries and Universities (Academia-Industry linkage).
  4. Organizing Workshops regarding Career Counseling and new Technology.
  5. Grooming of students by assigning them different activities related to their field.
  6. Interlinking network between senior and junior students.

“Interlinking will improve links between seniors and juniors, which in itself is a great source of knowledge”

Governing Body:

Patron in Chief                                                                       Advisor

Prof. Dr. Anwar Khitab                                                          Engr. Waqas Anwar

Co-advisor                                                                              Founder

Engr. Bilal Nasar                                                                     Engr. Umair Anjum                                                                 

Current President

Junaid Ashraf (2020-2021)

Junaid Ashraf President
Gohar Sarwar Vice President
Ehtisham Shah General Secretary
Atia Matloob Girls’ Coordinator
Muhammad Bilal Kalis Finance Manager
Alina Sajid Stage Secretary
Hammad Ali Spokesperson
Yousaf Chughtai Director Management
Muhammad Ali Raza Event Organizer
Sharjeel Haider Event Organizer
Haseeb Ur Rehman Event Organizer
Arsalan Farooq Graphic Designer
Muhammad Saqlain Aziz Graphic Designer
Ishrat Azam Documentation Head
Haseeb Ahmed Content Writer
Nazakat Ali Member
Syed Hamza Shah Member

Rules and Regulations

  • Any student of civil engineering department from MUST can join SCEM.
  • All members of SCEM will work under the supervision of the Patron and Advisor and must abide by the rules and regulations of MUST and SCEM.
  • All the members will be appointed officially by the Patron and the Faculty Advisor.
  • Politics are strictly prohibited within the society. Any member involved in any political activity will be expelled from the society.
  • The members are not allowed to organize any event under the name of SCEM without the consent of the Faculty Advisor and the Patron.
  • All the team members will be selected for a period of one year. The selection and extension will be made after the recommendations of the Patron and the Advisor.

List of Some Events Organized by SCEM

  • Seminar on Nano Technology
  • Water Workshop for science and cultural relations
  • Seminar on Space and Technology (Miss Nagin Z. Cox)
  • Mega structure wall poster competition
  • Bridge Building Competition
  • MUST Olympiad 2015
  • SCEM Speed Designing Competition
  • Hydraulic model exhibition
  • SCEM Bridge Building Competition
  • CPD Point Workshop on Heat and Refrigeration in association with ASHRAE MUST
  • Study tour to GULPUR HYDRO POWER PROJECT with collaboration of PWD
  • Two-day workshop on OBE
  • One-day CPD workshop on Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • One-day CPD course on leadership for engineer & technical engineer
  • One-day CPD on entrepreneurship & basic principle of supervision of construction project
  • CPD point workshop on self-compacted of concrete
  • Inter-departmental Presentation Contest
  • Online Architectural Drawing Competition
  • Webinar on “Fundamentals of FYP”
  • Webinar on Fulbright Scholarship by USEFP
  • Online GRE workshop by USEFP


Name of Event:   Seminar on Nano Technology


(Dr. Anwar Khitab Chairman CIVIL Engineering Department)

Date(s) of Event: 7 March 2014

Event Summary

This seminar was held in Civil Engineering Department. Chairman CED Dr. Anwar Khitab was the speaker of the seminar. The purpose of his lecture was to make the students familiar with the advanced material technology i.e. Nano Technology. He taught students about utilization of Nano materials in the construction industry.

Name of Event:  Water Workshop for science and cultural relations


(Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation and French Ambassador for Science and Cultural relations.)


Date(s) of Event: 12th to 15th May 2014 Number of Participants:        250+

Event Summary

 An exhibition named “Water – At the Heart of Science” was apprehended from 12th to 15th May2014 by Society of Civil Engineering MUST (SCEM) with the collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation and Ministry of Science Pakistan at Civil Engineering Department, Mirpur University of Science & Technology.

It enclosed scientific research of Centre Sciences France and Institute of Agronomy France. The intention of this research was to endow with awareness to the people about how to use the water and importance of water in our lives, consumption of water, water saving methods, water borne diseases etc.

A number of students from all over the university, faculty members of the university, nearby schools and colleges, and local inhabitants of the city visited to the exhibition, and they praised the marvelous effort of the Society of the Civil Engineering MUST, because it fashioned a valuable awareness among them.

The exhibition contained Hydrological models usually called Physical Modules Pena flex Panels which contained informatory notes displayed on walls.

Name of Event:  Seminar on Space and Technology (Miss Nagin Z. Cox)
Date(s) of Event: 31May2014 Number of Participants:          400

Event Summary

SCEM (Society of Civil Engineering MUST) in collaboration with the other technical groups of MUST held the seminar on space and technology by Assistant flight system engineering Miss Nagin Z. Cox who is also a manager in Mars Science laboratory. Students from all departments were cordially invited to attend the session and more than four hundred students attended the seminar. The respected guests were presented with honor shield from the Dean of engineering Dr. Riaz Mughal and excellency certificates were presented to presidents of university societies.

Name of Event:   SCEM Mega-Structures wall posters Competition



 (Respected Vice Chancellor MUST Dr. Habib-Ur-Redman)


Date(s) of Event: 12th of June 2014 Number of Participants:         120

Event Summary

SCEM (Society of CIVIL Engineering MUST) Organized an Intra-Department competition on 12th of June 2014 focusing on Mega Structures of the world.  Each student had to participate in the form of team consisting of 3-5 members.  Each team had to choose a title for the mega-structures before given their name for participation.

 The teams prepared their posters within the given date under the rules and guideline of SCEM and submitted it to the organizing body. The judging was done on the basis of clarity, engineering features, content of poster, visual presentation and applicability of the material provided. The teams standing top 3 were presented with the prize money and Certificates of Excellence from the Vice Chancellor. The authorities including Dean, Registrar, ORIC director and all engineering department Chairmen who praised a lot about the whole event and congratulated all of the SCEM Organizing body.

Name of Event:   SCEM Bridge Building Competition



 (Engr. Inam-Ul-Haq Executive Engineer PWD Building Department, Mirpur)

Date(s) of Event: 26-Nov-2015 Number of Participants: 90

Event Summary

This competition was held recently in CED; students had to build a bridge using wooden ice cream sticks and glue only. The purpose of this event was to involve students in a creative work and enhance their engineering skills. Moreover, the event was very meaningful towards grooming of students as well as building their confidence. The winning criterion was based on the load bearing capacity of the bridge. A chief guest from PWD department was invited in this event. Prize money was given from both Advisor SCEM Mr. Waqas Anwar and Chief guest Mr. Inam-Ul-Haq to the winning teams. The event also grew an ability in students to give a maximum output with the minimum available resources.

Name of Event:               MUST Olympiad 2015
Date(s) of Event: 10th-12th April 2015 Number of Participants: 700

Event Summary

The purpose of organizing this event was to provide an opportunity to the students from different institutes of national level to come together and show their talent in different fields of study and to provide a different environment of enjoyment and fun. Events held under Olympiad included E Gaming, Puzzle breaker, speed wiring, chess, water rocket, fast and curious, junk art, egg drop, catapult war, technistan, basant, formal dinners and mushairas etc. People from different areas of Pakistan also shared their culture in this 3-day event.

The students from the MUST and other universities actively participated in the event and enjoyed a lot whole three days and appreciated the management team for the efforts. SCEM played a leading role along with some other Societies of MUST in organizing such a great event. Dr. Anwar Khitab (Patron SCEM) was the director of this event. We got around 700 registrations for the event from all over Pakistan. Management team comprised of more than 130 students.

Name of Event:   SCEM Speed Designing Competition
Date(s) of Event: 11 April, 2015 Number of Participants: 50

Event Summary

This event was organized by SCEM and held in CAD lab of CED. The main purpose of this event was to give opportunity to the students from different universities to explore their designing skills using different software. It was two hours competition in which students had to complete the set of drawings which were given before the start of the event and had to complete within the specified time by using software and only individuals took part in this competition. This event was judged by the Engr. Baber Nasim Raja and Engr. Mustajib Ali. They gave points on the basis of accuracy of the model and the extra points were awarded to those students which had successfully completed the task before the specified time without any technical mistake. The winners of this event received the certificate of excellence and the shield from the honorable Vice Chancellor of the Mirpur University of Science and Technology. The event was highly appreciated by the students from different universities because in this world you should have to be a good designer which would be very helpful in the field so this event gave the opportunity to the students to check the skills of designing which they have.

Name of Event:   Hydraulics Models Exhibition



Date(s) of Event: 22 May 2015 Number of Participants: 90


This event was organized by the SCEM the purpose of organizing of this event is to Increase the creativity as well as to develop the environment to have a practical approach for different hydraulic structures. This exhibition is not only a key to learn different hydraulic related structures but also use to know about different complexities and purposes for that structures. These structures include dam’s barrages canals etc. The students which participated in this event submitted the model of assigned hydraulics structure which includes dam’s weirs etc. Almost 90 students took part in this event. Each student had to participate in the form of team consisting 4 to 5 team members, then the judges of the event provided the topic to the groups and gave them the time limit to submit before a day of exhibition. The jury of the event decided the winner of the event on the basis of the technicality of their model and aesthetically beauties of the model. This event was judged by the Chairman of Civil Engineering Department Dr. Anwar Khitab and one of the faculty members Engr. Hassan. The event was highly appreciated by the students and the faculty members of the Department.

Name of Event:                   CPD POINT WORKSHOP
Date of Event:        22 December 2015 Number of Participants:           171

Event Summary

 Society of Civil Engineering MUST (SCEM) and American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) ,societies of MUST conducted a one-day CPD Workshop, funded and approved by ENGR. INAM-UL-HAQ from PWD, at auditorium of Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST). The basic purpose was to make people aware of the qualities of a leader, help them to build a strong independent personality. Motivate the engineers to develop the characteristics of a leader rather than just a professional. In the absence of effective leadership, organizations often grow slowly and may lose their direction and competitiveness. With effective leadership, all participants within the organization are confident someone they know is working towards the greater good, both on their behalf personally and that of the company, as well as the larger impact created by the service.

Name of Event:   Study tour to GULPUR HYDRO POWER PROJECT with collaboration of PWD
Date of Event:        9 February 2016 Number of Participants:           58

Event Summary

Linking theoretical knowledge with its practical application is very important and SCEM. Society of Civil Engineering MUST (SCEM) organized a study tour with the collaboration of PWD Buildings Mirpur AJK. The basic purpose for this tour is to be aware the students about the practical applications of engineering knowledge and also having theoretical knowledge of structural, geotechnical and hydraulics engineering. They gave a thorough introduction of project, complete site visit, comprehensive presentation, casual meeting with employees of working companies.

Name of Event:   MUST NEXUS’16
Date of Event: 28 May,2016 Number of Participants:         

Event Summary

This event was conducted in Civil engineering department of MUST, the main objective of this event was to enhance the abilities, professional skills and promote the technical skills of the students. Students learned how to accomplish assigned tasks in a given time. The following modules were included:

  • Technical
  • Arts
  • Art & Tech
  • Business
  • Social
Name of Event:   MUST ENIGMA’18
Date(s) of Event: 3rd-5th Mar 2018 Number of Participants: 350+

Event Summary

SCEM organized this event in civil engineering department of MUST.  It was intra department competition, all departments of must participated in this event. This event was consisted on different modules and the purpose of this event was to provide such platform where they can build their confidence level and build their profession skills. Students learned how to work in team.

This event was consisted of different module.

Name of Event:   Workshop on ‘Outcome Based Education (OBE)’




Date of Event: Dec 2-3, 2018 Number of Participants:          50+

Event Summary

SCEM organized a two-day workshop on Outcome Based Engineering -Education and Assessment. This workshop was helpful to brief technical aspects of Complex Engineering Problems, Case Study Methods, Project Oriented Problems Based Learning.

Resource Person
Engr. Azlan Abdul Aziz
Fellow Dept.of Civil Engineering
University Putra, Malaysia

Name of Event:   CPD workshop on ‘Building Information Modelling BIM’




Date of Event: Dec 28, 2018 Number of Participants Participants:   100+      

Event Summary

A one-point CPD workshop on ‘Building Information Modelling BIM’ was organized by SCEM in collaboration with PEC.

Resource Person:

Engr. Tahir Shamshad

Name of Event:   CPD workshop on ‘Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Earthquake Affected Infrastructure’




Date of Event: Oct 22, 2019 Number of Participants: Participants:    50+     

Event Summary

A one-point CPD workshop on ‘Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Earthquake Affected Infrastructure’ was organized by SCEM and MDHA in collaboration with PEC.

Resource Person:

Engr. Tahir Shamshad

Engr. Dr. Khurram Iqbal

Name of Event:   Inter-Departmental Presentation Contest
Date of Event: Feb 11-12, 2020 Number of Participants:          58

Event Summary

SCEM organized Inter-Departmental Contest on 11th and 12th of Feb 2020. It aimed to incorporate confidence and team collaboration skills among students. Presentations delivered were on wide range of topics particularly innovations in each participant’s field of study. From Artificial Intelligence to Sustainable growth there were a lot of topics which shared great knowledge among audience.

The two-Day event came to an end with very positive feedback from all faculty members and students. Chief Guest Dean Faculty of Engineering Dr. Anwar Khitab appreciated the efforts of SCEM for arranging a University level event of fruitful outcome.

Name of Event:   Online Architectural Drawing Competition



Date of Event: Aug 25, 2020 Number of Participants: 22

Event Summary

Architecture and civil engineering are closely related. In order to promote the interest of civil engineering students in the basics of architecture, SCEM organized an online competition during COVID-19 crisis in which participants from many engineering universities of Pakistan competed. It aimed to engage students in fruitful activity to ensure skills development among students.

Participants had to design house plans in 2D and 3D using different software like AutoCAD and Revit.
Students were given an opportunity to think out of the box and convert their ideas into reality. A good number of registrations were acquired and some great drawings too. Students praised the efforts of Society for organizing such an engaging and positive event.