We would like to request the community to extend its might and ownership to this University, as we consider participation of the community in the development of the University is must.MUST enjoys respectable position in the universities of the country. While we have achieved a great deal, there is much more to do as we progress further. Our journey towards achieving excellence will continue and we are bound to succeed, as we have a purpose. Let us be heedful of why we are standing by our treasured university. I believe that fueling this endowment campaign with your heart and soul will definitely help MUST to establish as a leading institution.I invite you to join us on this ambitious journey. As you explore this web site, I hope you will consider joining us in transformingMUST’s future and ponder about the positive influence you may make through MUST. Once again, I would like to urge the parents and community to own MUST and contribute towards its development and our endeavor of making MUST a topnotch institution of higher education.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younus Javed, SI(M)