BS Physics (4 years)                            8 Semesters

Career Prospects for the Graduates

Graduates of a 4-year Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Physics have a wide range of career prospects available to them. One promising career path is research and development, where graduates can work in various industries such as aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications. They can leverage their knowledge of Physics to conduct research on new materials, technologies, and products, as well as develop new applications of Physics principles and theories. Another career option for graduates is education, where they can use their expertise to teach Physics at the high school or college level or work as educators in museums, science centers, and other educational institutions.

In addition to these fields, graduates can also pursue careers in engineering, data science, and government. With their knowledge of Physics, they can design and develop new products and technologies as engineers, analyze and interpret complex data sets as data scientists, and provide technical expertise in government agencies such as  the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), the National Institute of Electronics (NIE), and the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), National Centre for Physics (NCP), Nuclear Research Laboratories, Departments of Power and Energy, Multinational electrical companies, and globally established centers like NASA, and the NIH. The skills gained from a BS degree in Physics, including scientific principles, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities, are highly valued across various industries and can lead to exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Curriculum of BS Physics Program

The Curriculum of BS 4-year Program in Physics from Session 2019 is prepared in the light of guidelines ofHEC, Pakistan. A total of 124-136 credithoursarerequired for BSin Physics. The details of the curriculum are as follows:




Title of the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Physics (BS Physics) or as per University Policy







Entrance Requirement

Intermediate or equivalent with physics and mathematics with minimum 45% marks (2nd     division), from an accredited institution. Three-year Engineering diploma with math and physics

No D-grade in academic career

Entry Test will be conducted by the University with the following breakup:

Physics:       30 % English:       10% Mathematics: 30%

Chemistry or Computer: 30%

Merit will be determined on 20% of SSC, 50% of Intermediate and 30% of Entry Test marks (As per University Policy).


Duration of the Program

8-12 Semesters







Credits (Credit Hours)

Course Work: 130 Credits

Project/ Special Papers: 06 Credits

Total Credits: 133







Evaluation Criteria (Examination)






Theory Courses

Lab Courses

Two Quizzes

10 %


Two Assignments/ Lab reports

10 %

25 %

Mid Examination

Mid Examination

30 %

25 %

Terminal Exam.




Terminal Exam

50 %

50 %


Requirement for the Award of Degree

Completion of degree within the prescribed time with at least 60% cumulative percentage and CGPA 2.50 (As per university Policy)